Sitting in my office, looking out at the plaza, watching the trees bend over and kiss their leaves goodbye.

The other season.......
Sun and Air
I know y'all are tired of politics, but I'd like to see one more debate, this time between four candidates - Romeny before the first debate, Romeny at the first debate, Romney at the third debate and Romney now. If they all showed up we'd have a wild discussion of varied policy directions and different visions for the future of America.

Will the real Romeny pleas stand up.

Sings of the season.
Sun and Air
I was at the Fairfax Library and noticed something that wasn't there last week - several shelves of nearly identical books, 168+ copies of the score to Handle's Messiah.

Sun and Air
Fall is sneaking up on me. Hadn't noticed the leaves starting to change. Today, driving down the county parkway, I notice the yellows, oranges and red creeping in amongst the greens.

Sun and Air
Binder full of women! Sounds a bit ...... dirty.

Something of a vacation ...
June 21 to 25

Planned a short trip in June, before the summer heat really hit. Destination was Roanoke, Blacksburg, the New River Gorge and Charleston, WV, one week duration. Tried to fit it around work schedules, but that is difficult to do two months in advance. Had to shorten it a bit, and then a bit more. Between some critical things happening at work, and working on the submission to the show at Del Ray Artisans, we didn’t leave until midday Thursday. Drove routes 29, 64 and 81 to B’burg, with a late lunch in Warrenton. Originally had a reservation for the C’burg Microtel, but my cousin Jenny invited us to stay with them. Big house on the edge of town. Very nice curry dinner that evening, guest room in the basement. Lots of chances to catch up.
Friday (after a brisk dog walk with interesting houses and good views) was spent at Tech. Meeting with Jack Davis, the dean of architecture at 10 am. Turns out he and I overlapped at Tech, even though we didn’t know each other at the time. Nice meeting, then he took us around the department to show us what had changed. Got to peek over the shoulders of the few summer students who were there. Then we wandered the campus - Geology Museum, Commuter Student Center, Norris tunnel, McBryde, PBA, upper quad. Stopped in at Shanks, which is now an office building, to see S’s old room. Someone working in the adjacent office let us in to look around. Peeked in at Lane (still a death trap) and Squires, then a nice lunch at the Cellar (nee Greek’s). The old Greek’s Cellar is still there below it, but is only open evenings. Walked around downtown and stopped in at Mish Mish in its newish location. The door up to my old apartment is still there, still apartments. Carroll Lee Doughnuts moved. Art department now at the old Armory. Walked Eggleston Quad to Owens (closed for renovation) then through some of the newer dorms to the Prichard prairie, past Detrick and AJ to more new dorms and buildings. Decided to photograph all the gargoyles on campus. Through Ag quad and Campbell with a stop in at the gym to cool off. Across the drill field to Burress and back to Cowgill. Had a couple of hours to kill, which we spent in the architecture library. Caught up on several years of JA’s, and looked through books on Japanese architecture to get call numbers for future ILL. Then back to Jenny’s for a dinner party at the neighbor’s place. Mostly ex-profs. Some of them knew one of my old professors who used to live in the neighborhood.
Saturday - Went with Jenny to Carroll Lee’s to pick up doughnuts. Later she joined S and I for a covered bridge hunt and a hike up War Spur ridge. Old Hemlocks and a beautiful overlook.
That evening we took Jenny and Eric to dinner at Lefty’s.
Sunday - start of the third day so time to leave. Trip to the Gorge would have been too long a trip. The best week could have done that evening was Covington or Lexington, which was too far from DC for me to get back in time to finish my art pieces. Instead we went up to Staunton to visit the Frontier Culture Museum. Nice collection of farms, but needs better interpretation. Drive around Staunton, the up Afton Mountain to C’ville. Checked in at the Cavalier Inn, on the edge of the UVA campus. Dinner at a Himalayan restaurant at the downtown pedestrian mall. Very good, different than the usual Indian fare. Ting momos were nice. The staff was thrilled to have people who understood and appreciated Indian food. Too tired to walk the campus at night, so we had a quiet evening in.
Monday - The Inn had a decent breakfast buffet. Partially packed, then walked the campus. Visited the architecture building, then the Rotunda, the lawn, the gardens along the serpentine and a very nice Gothic revival church. Check out and up the road. Home about 1 pm. Finished the two sculptures by 6 and got them to the gallery for intake by 8.

Speaking of arting......
Speaking of arting, been doing a lot of art related things in the past few weeks.

Art fairs in Silver Spring, Bethesda and Reston. Picked up a few ideas.
Hokousia shows at the Freer and Sackler. Views of Fuji leaving town soon.
Murals in Anacostia.
Artomatic in Crystal City. They are using a 11 story building slated to be torn down. I made 5 visits to cover it all. As usual for a non-juried show, there is very bad art and very good art. Too many good ideas to work with. Got a lot of photos, but twice the battery on my camera ran out so two+ floors got no shots. S was able to join me for ons of the visits.
AVAM “Things Round” show. Stopped by after the ride. Still have a couple of guest passes. Not a bad show, but not as good as many of the previous ones. Maybe I was just too tired from the ride to really enjoy it.
Opening of the “Art on the Edge” show at Del Ray Artisans. We missed the opening reception due to tornados. I had not been able to get inspired by the theme of the show, but the day after submissions were due I had three good ideas.
Been doing a number of studies for new clay pieces. Starting working with transparent clays to simulate a flame effect.
Working on two pieces for Del Ray’s next show, “Hot, Hot, Hot”. More wood than clay. Submission not due until the 24th and 25th, but we will be out on a short vacation from the 21st to 25th. We are even coming back a day early so I can get the pieces in. Three days left to work on them. Will be a little tight on time. May not be finished, but I’ll be done.

Toru dem Parks
New ride post on cc_rider
Did 58 miles at Tour dem Parks in Baltimore on June 10.
Too busy arting to ride this past weekend.

A little bit of Catch-up....
Have a couple of weeks of posts to do.

April 14 - Sakura Matsui was fun. Got there early and while waiting for the 13th Street gate to open a J-Dixie band from Tokyo came up to entertain the crowd. Four saxaphones, a drummer and a shakuhachi. Gates opened at 11 and we headed straight for the food stalls. Couldn't find the booth for Maneki Neko, so we went to Taro instead. Okinomiyaki (but not as good as MK's) and ikayake (squid on a stick). Then to a sweets booth for anmitsu in a crepe. By then the post-parade crowd was stating to fill the place. Picked up free stuff from the cultural booths. S shopped for a yukata but didn't find one that both fit her and that she liked. Ran into someone we know who said he and some other friends were giving a martial arts demo at 1:30. Crowd was getting too thick, even for me, so we left early. Walked north a couple of miles to Mount Pleasant and the Mexican Cultural Institute. Wanted to see the exhibit of Mexican Masks but contrary to their website and all publicity about the show, we discovered it closed Walked around Columbia Heights then took Metro back.

April 20 - An arts weekend for me. Went to the Smithsonian Crafts Fair Friday after work. Biked in from Rosslyn. Really good stuff. Not too crowded, so I got to talk to a number of the craftsmen, and especially with Kathleen Dustin. She was the main reason I went. Wanted to meet one of the masters of the material I'm just starting to work with. She was friendly and had some good tips. Also talked with several wood workers, glass artists and a shoe maker. Came away with a lot of ideas for new projects.

April 21 - Popped awake around 5 am with the urge to start a clay project. Whipped out three quick (small) pieces and fired them. Then to the Providence Crafts Fair (far cry from the Smithsonian but there were some nice pieces), Micheal's at 7 Corners (last day of clay sale), and then down to the Mexican Cultural Institute. I had called them during the week an found out they actually are open on Saturday, but you have to use the intercom and get buzzed in.
The mask show was great. I probably took over 100 pictures. A lot more ideas.
Would like to get back to it before it leaves town. Stayed too long and had to rush home for Anime Saturday. Stopped at H-Mart to pick up snacks for the guests.

April 22 - Rainy weather. Glad I got rides in Friday and Saturday, even if it was less than 20 miles.

It's over....
The tree blossoms are coming down.
Under the pear trees along Picket Road was a soft, white rain, and the draft from the passing cars whipped up the petals on the road into small swirls.
The cherry blossoms are done, just in time for the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival.
At least the Yoshinos are done. The Kwanzans will bloom this week and be gone by the weekend.
The azaleas might be out by the time of the Cherry Blossom Parade and street fair.


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