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calamari dreamin'

Sun and Air

19 August
Sun in Splendor is the sun full glory in the sky.
Sun in Splendor is Louis XIV, the Sun King
Sun in Splendor is the badge of Richard II and Edward IV of the House of York.
Sun in Splendor is Leo the Lion of the summer born.
Sun in Splendor is Aten, Ra, Merodach, Shamash, Helios, Apollo, Lugh, Beli, Freyr, Huitzilopochtli, Ah Kinchil, Inti, Amaterasu, Liza, Ten Suns, Garuda, Surya, Maui and many more, named and nameless.
Sun in Splendor is a good day to ride.

The Short Story

Once upon a time,
long, long ago,
and far, far away
There was a brainy/artsy/nerdy kid who wanted to be an Architect.

The kid went to Virgina Tech to study Architecture
and there found:
spicy food
and Sue

Well, the kid grew up to be an Architect

and is interested in:
historic dance (and) (and)
fencing (and) (and)
biking (and) (and)
and Sue

For my bike ride journal go to cc_rider

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